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  • xkcd – very deep, insightful and slightly twisted humor, probably the funniest thing on the web. Also among the very few truly intelectually-challenging things on the afore-mentioned web.
  • Dilbert – probably the most famous comic (especially among engineers). Scott Adams (Dilbert’s creator) also wrote God’s Debris (free PDF) and The Religion War, which I enjoyed reading.
  • QuestionableContent – fun comic, mostly about relationships
  • UserFriendly.org – another techie comic, usually also informative about current (tech) events
  • Every now & then I also read WulffmorgentHaler.com, Ctrl+Alt+Del, off the mark and Fredo & Pidjin.
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Written by vtopan

April 15, 2009 at 11:05 PM

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