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Mafia Wars tips, tricks & fixing problems

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Mafia wars

I, like many others, have fallen victim to Zynga’s Mafia Wars, the “game” that looks like just-another-text-based-massively-multiplayer-something-something not worth clicking into, and yet becomes highly addictive if given the chance (in fact, it’s how I got to have a Facebook account and the only actual use I’ve found for the afore-mentioned account). This is not a rant on it’s impressive success however, but a few useful things I’ve learned about the game.

Job help / boss defeat links

I got to writing this text because one of my Bangkok boss defeat links didn’t publish. And since that would’ve brought me ~500K – 1 million “Baht”, I *had* to figure out how to fix it. Since it might actually be of use to other MW-victims, here goes the info.

Your Facebook ID

You need your Facebook ID; hover over a link to your name/homepage anywhere on Facebook and get it from the link. The link should look something like: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=your-facebook-ID&ref=nf

Bangkok – boss

The Bangkok boss defeat links provide the clickers with B$1000 and 6 XP, and the publisher with $500.000-5.000.000 Baht, so they’re a great thing.

Cool tools

I’ve found some very useful tools for speeding up routine operations (collecting bonuses, sending gifts etc.) in Mafia Wars made by MW-enthusiasts. I’m not sure they respect Zynga’s TOS (actually I have a strong hunch they don’t), so use with care (and measure, to keep the game fun for everyone):

Some of the bookmarklets help you choose what items to buy to improve your attack/defense, find ongoing wars in which you might help or advise you on whom to promote to your Top Mafia to maximize the bonuses.

Misc hints

  • the Zynga toolbar (yes, like everyone else, I hate toolbars) is safe to install and provides an extra “mini energy pack” of 25% of your energy every 8 hours (it also gives an item of less use). To actually get the bonus you have to start MW by clicking the “Play Now” button on the toolbar when the last text on the toolbar says “Ready” in green (instead of a countdown timer in red). For some reason, I also have to login fresh (delete cookies) to Facebook every time for it to work.
    Note: some methods have been published to get the mini pack without the toolbar; the loopholes have been patched, and if new ones will be found, they will be patched as well. Since it’s not that much of a hassle, you’re better off just installing the toolbar.
  • in Bangkok, the final Boss job gives a payout between $500.000-5.000.000 “Baht”, which can really help in starting your businesses, so make sure you publish it and enough friends help you
  • if you’re like me and only use your Facebook account for playing MW, you can find plenty of friends to add to your mafia in the comments on the MafiaWarsFans fan page; following that page can also keep you informed on game news and might get you extra Godfather points, offered there on random occasions by Zynga

Later edit

After Mafia Wars I played Travian, and then Lord of Ultima (which has amazing graphics for a browser game), and then I simply decided my time was pointlessly wasted on them, so I stopped. You can too! 🙂

Written by vtopan

January 25, 2010 at 7:33 PM

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