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Converting C structs to Delphi

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In the process of writing a Process Explorer meets HijackThis one-size-fits-all monster app, I faced the rather tedious task of porting Windows SDK headers (some less documented than others) to Delphi. As expected, I ran into annoying gotchas; here are some of them.

Boolean type in C / Windows SDK

The C specs didn’t define a boolean type up until C99 (which introduced the bool data type), which led to a variety of “standards”. The SDK uses the BOOLEAN type, which is actually a BYTE, and should be mapped to the Boolean type in Delphi, not BOOL/LongBool (yes, I am well aware that this may be a “duh!” for some).

Other type mappings

UCHAR is unsigned char, not “unicode char” as some might expect, so it translates to BYTE, not WORD.

Struct to record mappings

See this post.

[to be continued]

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March 10, 2009 at 2:49 AM

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